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Our Process

We understand that you need your website design completed before you can begin to see any of the benefits from using HubSpot. You want your site done right and in your Hands “yesterday.” We aim to please.

Over the years we have learned what works best to keep everyone on your team and ours invested, and your project on track. Ensuring that you will get the custom website you want, when you want it.

Our experienced team lives, eats and breaths “Inbound Marketing & Design” each and every day. For a price far less than the monthly cost of a single employee, you can leverage our entire design team while staying focused on your business goals.

  • Preliminary Discussion(s) on site “likes and dislikes," "wants and needs," etc.
  • Site structure, size, design consultation
  • Customer decides to retain the services of Magnetic MarCom

Phase 1 (Navigation Structure Consult) Complete: Down Payment

  • Preliminary design and layout meeting(s)/email(s)/conversation(s), etc.
  • Preliminary design and layout revisions
  • Preliminary design layout, styling and colors for all page types deliverable from Magnetic MarCom

Phase 2 (Design of Site "Shell") Complete: Second Payment

  • Button, graphics, CTA, photography, meeting(s)/email(s)/conversation(s), etc.
  • Button, graphics, CTA, photography revisions

  • Client supplied content is incorporated and site built-out
  • SEO check is completed
  • Final site design is approved by client

Phase 3 (Entire Site Build-out) Complete : Final Payment - Site goes live

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